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F&J Neu Brand



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Size Guide

Measurements size XS XS
sweatshirt (without hood) 49.5
sleeve (without shoulder) 48.7
Chest 43
life 34.5
neck 23
shoulder width 7.7
shoulder height 20.5

Size S measurements S
sweatshirt (without hood) 51
sleeve (without shoulder) 50
Chest 44.5
life 36
neck 24
shoulder width 8
shoulder height 21.3

Size M measurements M
sweatshirt (without hood) 52.5
sleeve (without shoulder) 51.3
Chest 46
life 37.5
neck 25
shoulder width 8.3
shoulder height 22.3

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Shipping Times and Procedures

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Thank you for choosing F&J for your purchases. We want to ensure that every order is delivered carefully and promptly. Below, you will find all the necessary information on shipping times and the procedures we follow.

Processing and Packaging:

To ensure the utmost care and attention is given to each order, we require one business day for processing and an additional business day for packaging. This allows us to prepare each item with care and precision before shipping.

Shipping Times:

  • Germany: For shipments to Germany, expect delivery times of 2 to 4 working days. We are committed to ensuring that you can wear your F&J style in the shortest time possible.
  • European Union: For destinations within the European Union, delivery times vary from 2 to 8 working days. We want you to enjoy your new unisex sweatshirts throughout Europe.
  • Rest of the World: If you are purchasing from outside the European Union, shipping times will be 7 to 14 working days. We are excited to bring our unique style to the world.

Shipping cost:

  • Germany: Free
  • European Union: €8.90
  • Rest of the World: €54.99

Order Tracking:

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a notification with tracking details. This will allow you to follow the delivery of your package and always have its route under control.

We are keen to ensure that each order reaches the desired destination with maximum efficiency. In case of further questions or doubts regarding shipping times, do not hesitate to contact our customer service on WhatsApp or on the " Contact us " page.

Thank you for choosing F&J. We are happy to share our style with you, wherever you are in the world.

We present to you our extraordinary collection of unisex sweatshirts, designed to fill your wardrobe with quality by combining comfort, space and versatility in a single garment. Our hoodies are designed to hold everything you usually carry with you in a bag or fanny pack, giving you uncompromising practicality.

Made of 100% Pima cotton, one of the finest cottons in the world, designed to give you an extraordinary feeling of comfort. The pockets in the sleeves, made of 100% polyester. Metal zippers and cord holders ensure durability and style, while elastic cords ensure a perfect fit.

Each sweatshirt was designed to fit everyone, allowing everyone to express themselves with confidence and style!

F&J New Brand

Our brand is represented by a Koala, a symbol that celebrates weakness within society. Just like the Koala, we often find ourselves hiding our fragilities, fearful of how they may be judged. The mask that the Koala wears represents the strength we wear to protect our true selves.

Our goal is to encourage people to dress with confidence, embrace their authentic selves and reveal their uniqueness to the world.

Choose the design that resonates with your personality and allow this sweatshirt to become the symbol of your true self. We can't wait to see you don your sweatshirt and join you on your journey of self-expression and authenticity.

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