Who we are

Welcome to the world of F&J!

A young brand created by two guys who brought their vision from Italy to Germany with an overwhelming passion. We were driven by the desire to leave a lasting impression on the German market, continuing the excellence of Made in Italy.

F&J was born from the meeting of two creative minds, eager to express their unique style and share their passion for fashion with the world. Our name, F&J, represents our initials, the unbreakable bond that led us to join forces to create something extraordinary.

We decided to undertake this challenge in Germany, a new and stimulating environment that has embraced our entrepreneurial spirit and our desire for innovation. We believe that innovation and creativity are the key to pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities in the fashion industry!

We put our heart and soul into each of our products. Every sweatshirt, every garment is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We want wearing one of our garments to be a unique experience, which makes you feel special and reflects your authentic personality.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Join us and discover the world of F&J!