At F&J we don't just create fashion, we care deeply about our impact on the world around us. This is why we have chosen to adopt 100% biodegradable and therefore eco-sustainable packaging.

Every time we ship one of our pieces, we not only want you to have an amazing experience, we also want you to feel like you're part of a larger movement. We want you to know that every purchase you make with F&J is an act of love for our Earth.

Join us on this emotional journey towards a world where fashion and sustainability embrace each other, and where every action counts, every choice makes a difference!


We present to you our extraordinary collection of unisex sweatshirts, designed to fill your wardrobe with quality by combining comfort, space and versatility in a single garment. Our hoodies are designed to hold everything you usually carry with you in a bag or fanny pack, giving you uncompromising practicality.

Made of 100% Pima cotton, one of the finest cottons in the world, designed to give you an extraordinary feeling of comfort. The pockets in the sleeves, made of 100% polyester. Metal zippers and cord holders ensure durability and style, while elastic cords ensure a perfect fit.
Each sweatshirt was designed to fit everyone, allowing everyone to express themselves with confidence and style!